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September 20 2018 10:35:55   
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Server First - Hellfire

Category: Server First - Hellfire
Number of Items: 24
Siege of Orgrimmar cleared
Klaxxi Paragons
Blackfuse finally down!
Spoils and Thok
Malkorok dies
New heroics down!
Galakras and Iron Juggernaught down!
Sha of Pride
First attempts at heroic
Siege of Orgrimmar
Cataclysm Cleared
Spine down!
WTB fire extinguishers!
Ultraxion down
Zon'Ozz' balls bounced back
Yor'Sahj sleeps again
Hagara gave up!
Server First Guild Level 25.
Plagueworks cleared
We are Grand Crusaders!
More Call of the Grand Crusade progress
Northrend Beasts slain!
Doom Lord Kazzak has been defeated!
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