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September 20 2018 11:26:58   
A poke in the eye!
Horde First - HellfireWe were originally aiming for Twins this week, but considering our progress on him last week, we decided we also had time for some fun with Durumu. After relearning the maze and light specturm phases, it seemed like he was ready to go down, so instead of progressing on to Twins, we spent another half day on Durumu. The result was a dead eye ball and 25 satisfied raiders.

Council down
Horde First - HellfireStarting progress on council yesterday was fun. It seemed challenging, but at the same time very doable. We returned today and killed them, with a few modifications of the strategy. And since we like stairs so much, the screenshot was taken on the stairs! The twins are our next target!

Primordius defeated
Horde First - HellfireAfter progressing steadily on Primordius for an evening, we ended up yesterday with 9% as our best attempt. Returning today, we finished the job with a slightly different group. Good job to everyone on clearing the second new heroic encounter this week!

Megaera decapitated!
Horde First - HellfireOn our first full raid night on Megaera, we were able to chop off seven heads. The result was another heroic kill! This is by far the fastest kill so far, this is probably a fight we should have attempted earlier. The fast kill means we also get to try Primordius this week.

Iron Qon is history!
Horde First - HellfireWe bring you the news you should have gotten last week! Iron Qon perished after killing off parts of the raid in the fire three phases so we did not have enough DPS to kill off the dogs before the smashes. Last week we almost had the dogs down in time for the second fist smash. This week, Iron Qon died the first time we got the dogs down before second fist smash, despite him killing off some players.

Chicken killed
Horde First - HellfireAfter dying at 10% last week, we returned this week to finish off the chicken. It was a horrible try, where I died early on, but the result is what matters! We obviously forgot to do the screenshot before the body despawned, but you can see us killing himfrom the fact that we're all flying with the yellow wings!

Ji'kun - 25 Heroic - Throne of Thunder - Feral PoV - First KILL!

Tortos down!
Horde First - HellfireAfter getting Tortos quite low last week, we returned today to perfect our execution. Getting used to the shields and getting all adds down in time took some time. Losing people meant adds were dying slower, which meant more players died. Once we managed to keep everyone alive until the end, Tortos died.

Tortos 25 Heroic - Throne of Thunder - Feral PoV - First kill video

Horridon down
Horde First - HellfireAfter a few weeks where we geared up players and got used to the fight, we killed heroic Horridon on our fourth attempt this week. No one died until last phase, and most of us lived happily through the fight. We are back on track, and aim to serve turtle soup next!

Horridon 25 Heroic - Throne of Thunder - Feral PoV - First kill video

Jin'Rokh the broken
Horde First - HellfireAfter easter has taken its toll on our raiding time, we started progressing on Jin'Rokh heroic last week. Our best attempt, was at about 10%, so when we returned this week, we were confident he would fall. He did die, but not until our very last attempt at the end of our regular raiding time. One of our players had to leave, so we took upon ourselves the task to kill Jin'rokh with only 24 players in the raid. That worked amazingly well, perhaps because all players knew they would have to perform very well for us to have a chance with less players.

Jin'rok the breaker 25m Heroic - Throne of Thunder - Warlock POV - Low Quality/No sound - FIRST KILL!!
Just a simple AVI file, but click here to view it.. :)

Jin'rok the breaker 25 Heroic - Throne of Thunder - Feral PoV

Throne of Thunder heroics, here we come!
Horde First - HellfireAfter getting close to clearing Throne of Thunder last week, we returned this week to put the finishing touch on the last bosses. The first time we made it to phase three with everyone alive gave us a kill. We now look forward to returning next week to have fun with the heroic versions of the encounters!

Terrace of Endless Spring - Lei Shi Heroic 25M kill

Terrace of Endless Spring - Lei Shi Heroic 25M kill shot!

Terrace of Endless Spring - Lei Shi Heroic 25M First kill video - Feral Druid (DPS) POV

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