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September 20 2018 10:20:21   
Blackfuse finally down!
Server First - HellfireAfter 364 wipes, two months since we killed Thok, countless disconnects and latency problems and a few weeks of Christmas vacation, Blackfuse bites the dust. It has been a long process involving several different tactics. We finally ended up with the tactic we began with, killing missile turrets on the assembly line and primarily killing mines on the platform. The kill itself ended with one player standing over Blackfuse's corpse, proving to us that hunters are useful!

Spoils and Thok
Server First - HellfireAfter optimizing opening of crates, positions and killing of sparks, Spoils turned out simply to be a DPS check. We were therefore able to start Thok last week. We did not get him down, but we did start distributing cooldowns and extend the second phase until all our cooldowns were back up for the next phase one. This week we had the strategy planned out, we just needed to learn to execute it properly. We found an extra cooldown and a stun rotation for the bats got us through the second phase one.

Malkorok dies
Server First - HellfireMalkorok gave us more problems than anticipated, but he died last week. This post is slightly delayed. Initiially it was the pools that gave us problems, but eventually it turned out the orbs were what killed off players. By clearing orbs halfway through phase one instead of just during phase two we cut down most accidental deaths due to orbs!

New heroics down!
Server First - HellfireAfter trying a few different tactics for Dark Shamans we eventually reverted to the original tactic we had attempted. It turns out we just needed practice and a cooldown rotation for the falling ash. We then went on to Nazgrim because we had the time to do so. He died as well. We then got an hour or two for Malkorok and managed to see the entire fight. We did not, however, manage to kill him before we needed to resume clearing the instance.

Galakras and Iron Juggernaught down!
Server First - HellfireAfter focusing on towers, and making sure the grunts did not bother our sappers, Galakras turned out to be very easy. Not half as easy as Iron Juggernaught, though. Even though staying away for siege mode feels like cheating, it makes the encounter trivial - assuming of course you have sufficient DPS. After Immersius, this was the easiest heroic so far.

Sha of Pride
Server First - HellfireAfter killing Norushen Wednesday, we had a few attempts to get used to the mechanics of Sha of Pride. We returned Thursday with technical difficulties, and were forced to start learning the encounter with only 23 players. Eventually, all others managed to get online and we were able to field a full team getting closer and closer to the kill every attempt. The only major change we made in the tactics was to keep more spread at all times to reduce the amount of corruption gained by the rifts.

Server First - HellfireKilling Norushen eluded us last week. We came back this week with a slightly modified tactic and got closer and closer. Then someone suggested to spawn all the big adds simultaneously and use mocking banners to keep them from killing players. This vastly improved our add-killing capabilities, and allowed us extra time we could use to kill the boss.

First attempts at heroic
Server First - HellfireAfter changing the order in which we brought the protectors down, we managed to down them quite fast. We also killed Immersius after only a few pulls. It did not feel sufficiently heroic to screenshot. We therefore decided to make a screenshot of Protectors and paste the Immersius achievement (if it can be called an achievement) into the screenshot. We are now looking forward to Norushen.

Siege of Orgrimmar
Server First - HellfireIt took more time than we would like, but Garrosh died this Monday! We even had time to return to Throne of Thunder and kill Lei Shen. It was slightly easier now that he had 20% less hp and did less damage! We are looking forward to heroics again now!

Dark Animus down!
We encountered the first really hard heroic mode with Dark Animus! If any player screwed up at all for the first two minutes of the fight, we would have to be incredibly fast to save the attempt. After an impressive 261 wipes with a somewhat changing roster, it was really fulfilling to finally kill Dark Animus!

Horde First - HellfireDespite stopping a while at Durumu this week, we managed to down twins on our very last attempt yesterday! It is amazing how little damage was done in phase two when we could use a meteor to reduce stacks before the first nuclear inferno! Things became hectic towards the end, but we prevailed! Twins and Durumu make up two new heroic kills in one week, which is awesome progress!

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