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October 15 2018 17:21:15   
Welcome to our site, may you enjoy your stay.

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Our goal is to go through all the content in World of Warcraft.
A Necessary Evil goes Tarren Mill
NewsIn order to expand our raiding force and find more potential recruits, we have chosen to make the transition from Hellfire to Tarren Mill.
Please join us on Discord

Since migrating over to Discord, we do not see the need to maintain a separate website. Please join us:

If you can't stand the terrible titles...

We've now killed this three times. It just proves that I am terrible at doing little things when I need to.

With 6.2 next week, I figured it was worth posting before then.

ANE signing out of patch 6.1 with 16/17 Mythic.

We're always looking for skilled players to join our roster, please head to the forums or contact an officer in game for more information!
Two more down, Two more to go.

We also went out and killed Koragg, because we're awesome like that.

Next up, Blast Furnace!
Long overdue killshot update.

Click the thumbnail to view the killshots of our most recent 4 kills.

For the feint of heart or those with slow connections, this is a large image.
Oregorger shall gorge no more!

Butcher down!
After leaving Butcher with around 1% hp last week, we returned, modified positions slightly and killed him this week. That would be the end of the progress before Blackrock Foundry releases, perhaps we have time for Ko'ragh next week after we enjoy heroic BRF.
Highmaul progress
After a christmas break and some rotation of the roster, I have found time to update this page again. We just started Mythic Highmaul before the Christmas break and killed Kargath. We returned and killed Twin Ogron soon after, but Brackenspore would turn out to be more difficult. After killing him, though, Tectus fell over shortly after. Hopefully I can return with news about more kills soon.

Good bye, MoP!
We have had a good time in Mists of Pandaria. To commemorate our time in Pandaria, we decided to get together as a guild for the last time on Pandaran soil! We are now preparing for and looking forward to new experiences in Warlords of Draenor!

Since this is the land of the pandas, we made all our pandas sit in front!

Siege of Orgrimmar cleared
Server First - HellfireAfter a large amount of planning, changing of strategies and hard work, we are proud to announce that we have cleared Siege of Orgrimmar, and are ready to face the next expansion! We almost had him at the end of last raiding week, and chose to extend the raid into the new week. That yielded results!

A big congratulations to everyone who participated in the kill, but also to everyone who contributed to learning the fight, suggesting improvements to our strategy and cheered us on when we did not have room for everyone inside the raid.

Klaxxi Paragons
Server First - HellfireAfter Blackfuse, we expected Paragons to be an easier boss. We did not spend as many wipes on Klaxxi, and the progress was more visible. Despite that, we had our fair share of deaths to Rapid Fire, Aim and Caustic Amber. This was a very good and varied encounter. We are now looking forward to killing Garrosh!

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